«At Bio.S you don’t buy fish but a philosophy of life and food.»
G. Sotiropoulou/Biologist, specialist in sea food production and food quality
G. Petsalis/Agronomist

We created Bio.S for all of us who realize that we no longer want to be what eat. On the contrary we want to know what we eat hoping to learn who we are!

So we focused on fish farming which is our specialty. Although biochemistry is the subject of our knowledge we choose to turn to the primitive core of life -the nature- and we are pleased to recommend a diet full in positive energy. Our moto is: Carefree fishes!

    By buying BIO-S fish you enjoy:
  • Fish living in natural ecosystem chasing their food -without antibiotics- in clear water of Gulf of Euboea.
  • The result of this process is the freshness which is reflected in their natural colors. Their white flesh and the taste of wild fish.
  • With guarantee of certified raw materials you enjoy stable quality and incomparable freshness. A complete food rich in omega-3 fats.

Delivery to your house within 48 hours of fishing.

Besides our carefree fish near us you will find recipes from our friend’s chef as you can choose products of high nutritional value of friend’s producers, who follow the same path of quality.