Red Porgy

Pagrus - pagrus

The red porgy ( scientific name: Pagrus pagrus) is a member of the Sparidae family.

The red porgy can reach 8-9 kg in weight and 90cm in length. It has golden-red color.

Pinkish silver with an indistinct yellow spot on each scale on about upper half of body; these spots giving a yellow - striped effect; a wedge of yellow across interorbital and some yellow on shout and upper lip; dorsal claudal and pectoral fins pink.

The red porgy lives near sandy and rocky sea bottom. We can find it in depth of 30 - 250m. It is found is found throughout the Mediterranean Sea, in the northern and southeastern coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the western Atlantic.

Mainly feeds on mollusks, with benthic crustaceans and other fish.