BIO-S: A commune of chosen fish.

In BIO-S we have a unique vision: We want to offer you fish, live like in natural environment.

We created a controlled space that reminds a natural fishery - in a smaller size - where fish are fed by us only in the morning with food from sea.* The rest of the day they behave as in their natural environment: hunt as they would in the sea, swim, flirt and breed. In our Gilt-head breams like the pure and rich water and the quality of food, so they live with us over 2 years until they can change sex (Gilt-head bream is hermaphrodite) and be able to breed.

This is our power in BIO-S.

We provide to our fish the solid wealth of sea, the delicious variety of shells and different sea weed in their environment to grow free and create a superior high quality and safe product.

Healthy fish - without antibiotics – with white and lean flesh such as in native population. Our job is to insure the natural circle of life for our fish so our philosophy can be transferred as energy and nutritional value to them and then to you.

*Contains only fish flour and shrimp flour. No soy, only a little grain gluten to tie the mix.